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Dispatch Performance Improvement Training

Equature’s Learning Management program is a state-of-the-art online, interactive learning platform designed to deliver world-class, best practice training content to public safety professionals. Using 20-45 minute video slices with summaries, documents and interactive quizzes, it teaches key communications strategies and command and control dispatch operational methodology that increases citizen safety and first responder security. Through our structured training modules, you and your team can benefit from our hands-on experience working with over 1,500 PSAPs to improve operational excellence.

Available Courses

Crimes in Progress

This class is designed to provide you with the tools you need to respond to a variety of in-progress and high-risk calls. Topics include: Handling child callers, armed robberies, shootings, homicides, pursuits, your role in responder safety, and child missing calls.

Customer Service

Customer service skills for dispatchers is a critical class for all dispatchers and 9-1-1 personnel. Topics covered include annoying and difficult callers, words to use for extraordinary customer service, how to defuse anger and officer/dispatcher relations.

Communication Center Liability

Liability issues in the communications center have become increasingly more of a problem across the United States. Communication centers are now being faced with lawsuits. It is important for all members of the communication center to learn the basics of lawsuit risk and the skills to reduce liability.

Stress, It's All in Your Head

This class is designed to provide Public Safety call takers and dispatchers with the information needed to manage the stress in their lives. This is designed to require the attendees to take an active role in the management of stress in their life.

How to Save a Life – Yours!

In this day and age, heart disease, stroke and diabetes are not discriminatory. However, those that do not take care of themselves can find themselves in the front of the pack when it comes to SCA or CVA. Dispatchers for the most part live very unhealthy lives. We add unnecessary stress on ourselves and create our own negative environments. We eat unhealthy foods, drink unhealthy drinks, sit too long and put ourselves at risk for metabolic syndrome. The communication center is a breeding ground for many personality types and low morale. This class will share some life/health changing education and techniques to assist in the reduction of unnecessary medical issues, improve working relationship and improve morale.

Critical Incident - Stress

Communications is one of the most stressful jobs you can have. Each one of you will experience critical incident stress during your career. This class will provide you with the techniques to manage critical incident stress and educate you about the effects of critical incident stress. It is critical for your long-term health and well-being.

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Stephen Martini

Stephen Martini

Emergency Communications, Brentwood Police Dept., TN

“DSS support tech is eager to help and explain the operation to me and I don’t feel uneasy asking them for help ever.”

William Grimm

William Grimm

911 Coordinator Adams County Sheriff Dept., IN

“Anytime I place a trouble ticket in to DSS support, it comes back in a timely manner, and support always verifies that it was fixed”

Brandi Smith

Brandi Smith

Director of Emergency Communications Spring Hill Emergency Communications, TN

“Anytime I’ve called DSS support with a problem it has always been addressed in a timely manner.”

learning Management Milestones

Certificates Issued

The LOD courses offered by DSS Corp has better prepared our Airport Police and I highly recommend the LOD courses from DSS Corp to other Police Departments

Captain Cortez Globe, Head Dispatcher Savannah Airport Commission/Savannah Hilton Head International

Some of the other courses I have taken were geared more for responders with a lot of filler in them, but the DSS Learning on Demand is right to the point. It is just what we were looking for.

Penny Bourque, Telecommunicator, Menominee County Central Dispatch, MI

Yes, we thoroughly enjoy the teaching strategy used by DSS when creating the LOD courses.

Kieran Bryan, Dispatch Supervisor Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office, FL

For me personally, I love to do my training using videos over the online training courses for you need to be on your computer for a set period of time and with our work environment scheduling time to sit by a computer is very hard to do.

Erica Stolhand, Hood River County Sheriff, OR

Yes, for all the reasons above and all our staff love the Trainer's Tony Harrison teachings skills, and his knowledge in Public Safety.

Robin Etienne, Director Sweetwater Combined Communications, WY