Interactive Patrol

Real-Time Intelligence Communication

Interactive Patrol™

U.S. Government enforcement agencies and intelligence community partners are tasked with a broad range of security, safety, health, criminal investigative and emergency preparedness management responsibilities to implement governing law and provide security both domestically and internationally to our citizens.

When agency agents or officers are dispatched during their normal course of responsibilities or emergency events, it is critical that they maintain an interactive engagement with operating command and control organizations to communicate key information needed to make quick decisions that meet agency objectives.

Based on this need, Equature has created Interactive Patrol, an interactive technology platform that provides real-time intelligence communication between in-the-field agents and their operational command and control team. Interactive Patrol integrates NG9-1-1 Command and Control Dispatch Recording systems with real-time video and audio cameras used in responding vehicles and worn by agents in the field. Interactive Patrol increases in-the field agent safety, command and control intelligence collection and decision making processes to help improve investigative or crime scene management success.

In a world where Seconds Save Lives®,
Equature’s Interactive Patrol™ helps you in real time.

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