Interactive Policing

Improving Community Engagement

Interactive Policing™

Today’s police force is empowered to enforce the law, limit civil disobedience and protect personal property. Implementing these policing activities requires law enforcement officers and their command and control to maintain constant awareness of their operating environment. In addition, there are manpower and asset resources needed to manage events as they occur within their public sector service area of responsibility.

Equature’s Interactive Policing platform gives real-time video and audio connectivity to LE in the field by connecting mobile body-worn computer cameras to an officer’s command and control dispatch center to help them increase data collection, decision making and improve community policing.

Through real-time data intelligence collection, officers and their command centers are able to increase officer safety and citizen satisfaction while improving department operational efficiencies.

Equature’s Interactive Policing platform is designed for  government municipalities seeking to engage their citizenship positively and accelerate police performance while keeping their command and control dispatch center actively involved with call activity in real time.

In a world where Seconds Save Lives®,
Equature’s Interactive Policing™ helps you in real time.

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