Interactive Security

Giving Leadership the Ability to Proactively Manage Situational Issues

Interactive Security™

Commercial, academic, non-profit and citizen security in today’s evolving volatile environment requires advanced command and control communication to maximize employee and customer safety.

As a leading provider of first responder command and control software, Equature® has developed an interactive platform called Interactive Security.

Interactive Security enables command and control leadership and location-based and mobile security personnel to be able to interactively observe and communicate bi-directionally in real time as events unfold.

Through our technology platform, we integrate command and control dispatch systems to real-time video and audio cameras worn by security team members, giving leadership the ability to proactively manage situational issues.

Equature’s Interactive Security platform is designed for those private organizations seeking to accelerate security performance and provide a positive interaction with citizens while keeping their command and control dispatch center actively involved with all call activity in real time.

In a world where Seconds Save Lives®,
Equature’s Interactive Security™ helps you in real time.

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