Advanced Law Enforcement

This course focuses on skills dispatchers need to dispatch various calls, which may become critical incidents. Topics covered include: suicidal callers, shootings, domestic violence, school violence, rape calls, officer down, pursuits and critical incident stress.

Fire Communications

The focus for this course is on communication, management, apparatus, and functionality in handling calls related to fires. A firehouse tour and explanation of equipment is also included in this course.

CTO – Communications Training Officer

In the early 1970s the San Jose Police Department was acutely aware of deficiencies in its training program. The department created a program used to train and evaluate police recruits. The program was commonly referred to as the Field Training Officers Program. This program has been adapted to communications. The theory of the program is to produce a fully trained dispatcher. Giving that person the maximum opportunity to succeed.

Communications Center Supervisor

An interactive class focusing on skills supervisors need. Topics covered include federal laws, supervisor skill and styles, problem solving, counseling and liability.