Equature® (formerly known as DSS Corp) is an international technology leader for public safety organizations that specializes in Interactive Response software. Our solutions increase operational efficiencies, accelerate first responder communication and improve citizen satisfaction and security.

Equature offers integrated IOT solution platforms that are Next Generation 911 (NG9-1-1) and FirstNet ready. Our applications include 911 recording software, evidence management applications and live streaming video and audio smartphone body-worn cameras for first responders.

All of Equature’s solutions can link to public safety command and control, dispatch management and law enforcement leadership on a local, regional and national basis as needed in real-time to create an integrated technical collaboration platform that allows LE to see, hear and manage events as they develop.

In continuous operation since 1969 and headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Equature currently has 1,500 police departments and PSAPs, the U.S. Border Protection, NSA and Homeland Security as clients.

Additionally, Equature works with government operations in Japan, Canada, Italy and Mexico helping them accelerate security capabilities and emergency preparedness.

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