Body-Worn Cameras

Real-time computer cameras operating on Android phones

Body-Worn Camera Solutions

Equature’s body-worn cameras operate on Android smartphones, creating a flexible, open software system that is easy to use, comfortable to wear and provides officers with a dependable video solution that helps them manage emergency events as they happen.

Equature’s FirstNet ready, Interactive Policing body-worn camera solution provides live streaming audio and video information to dispatch, command and control, patrol supervisors, law enforcement leadership and other designated team members to create a holistic emergency preparedness response that increases officer safety and citizen transparency.

Unlike proprietary body-worn camera manufacturer’s offerings, Equature’s body-worn camera solution streams all evidence to the cloud instantaneously, does not require overnight charging stations and can be electronically updated without a hardware change.

Interactive Policing

Equature’s Interactive Policing technology platform gives real-time video and audio connectivity to LE in the field by connecting mobile and vehicle audio and camera systems with the officer’s command and control dispatch center to help them increase data collection, decision making and improve community policing as events happen.


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Interactive Fire/EMT

Equature’s Interactive Response Management systems links our command and control dispatch management platform to first responders using our real-time video and audio cameras. This emergency management approach allows the command center and the first responder in tandem to see and hear emergencies as they develop.


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Interactive Combatant

America’s military is the finest in the world. Yet combatants in the field are faced with ever increasing challenges and hostilities in varying landscapes and armed conflict locals. Often mobile, working in small-unit military operations, their mission success is frequently dependent on the communication capabilities with their command.


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Interactive Patrol

U.S. Government enforcement agencies and intelligence community partners are tasked with a broad range of security, safety, health, criminal investigative and emergency preparedness management responsibilities to implement governing law and provide security both domestically and internationally to our citizens.


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Interactive Security

Commercial, academic, non-profit and citizen security in today’s evolving volatile environment requires advanced command and control communication to help maximize employee and customer safety. Equature’s Interactive Security platform helps management teams create real-time global intelligence.


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