Public safety and government agencies understand the importance of command and control dispatch decisions and that Seconds Save Lives. Equature’s NG9-1-1 and FirstNet ready PSAP recording software provides a solution suite to track, trend and manage performance and strategic information in your dispatch center to help you make better decisions on first responder assignment, asset deployment and citizen safety.

First responder management professionals using Equature’s 911 Recording Software yield increased improvements to their agency’s ability to respond in real time to operational intelligence while interactively managing events as they happen.

Equature Interactive Response® architecture offers public safety organizations flexible system options which can operate independently or collectively as a solution suite integrated to command and control including:

  • Equature NG9-1-1 Recording Suite
  • Equature NG9-1-1 Performance Improvement Suite
  • Equature In-Car Real-Time Video Suite
  • Equature Mobile Evidence Suite
  • Equature Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Real-Time Video Suite

Equature’s NG9-1-1 Recording Software is designed for PSAPs, government agencies, law enforcement, entertainment arenas, sea ports, hospitals, airports, colleges, train stations and other institutions that need to manage emergency response assets, first responders and operational data.

Equature’s NG9-1-1 Recording Software for command and control is used in thousands of locations worldwide.

In a world where Seconds Save Lives®,
Equature’s Interactive Response® helps you in real time.

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