Providing Interactive Real-Time Response Technologies
Designed to Improve First Responder and Public Safety

Body-Worn Cameras

Are you buying body-worn cameras that are old before you turn them on? Our body-worn cameras operate on Android smartphones, not proprietary cameras. In addition to the many conveniences that Android smartphones provide, our body-worn cameras provide a full evidence management platform.


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NG9-1-1 Recording Software

Public safety and government agencies understand the importance of command and control dispatch decisions and that Seconds Save Lives. Equature’s NG9-1-1 Recording Software for command and control centers provides a solution suite to track, trend and manage performance and strategic information.


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Evidence Management

For over 35 years, Equature has been receiving and managing police evidence including video, audio and text in a secure environment. Equature offers police agencies a hybrid model of evidence storage options that include both cloud storage and on-site data management.


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